When the driveway needs to be replaced, homeowners often wonder if they should install an asphalt or a concrete driveway.  It’s best to talk to a skilled paving contractor to discuss the differences they see in the area where the driveway will be installed. Hendersonville, TN information can be seen at this link.

Time is Money

If cost is a major concern, concrete driveways cost almost twice as much as an asphalt driveway. Paving contractors realize that asphalt prices vary according to oil prices because it is a petroleum-based product.   In addition, laying a concrete driveway takes more time than laying an asphalt driveway.  Discover facts about The Steps of Paving.


Although an asphalt driveway will require more maintenance, it is much easier to repair asphalt than it is to repair concrete. Also, in an asphalt driveway, the repairs blend in better. If the homeowner cares about aesthetics, a concrete driveway repair tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Concrete driveways often are damaged by-products used to melt the ice in winter.  Concrete can also crack due to drainage problems if the foundation is not properly prepared.  


Since asphalt is softer, it will probably last around 30 years if properly maintained.  Concrete can last around 50 years if repairs are made and degreaser is applied regularly.