When installed properly, asphalt surfaces can last for two decades or more. To achieve such long-term results for your parking lot or driveway, you need to hire the ideal contractor for the job. TN Driveway Pros of Hendersonville has shared some of the things to guide you in the hiring process. See more here. 

Excellent Communication Skills

When a contractor is communicating with you that is not the time to show off how much they know. Rather, the contractor should use clear and understandable explanations so that you are both on the same page. If specialized terms have to be used, the contractor should take the time to explain their meaning. See here for information about Common Mistakes When Choosing a Commercial Paving Contractor.

Quality Asphalt

The materials that a contractor uses and the care with which they are laid will go a long way in helping your surface be a durable investment. For a commercial parking lot, the contractor should analyze your property and how you intend to use the surface to determine the right asphalt depth.

Drainage Plans

A poorly laid driveway can mean a disaster for water management in your company. An experienced commercial paving contractor will know how to handle drainage. For instance, the contractor should lay a base that enhances drainage and design the slope to accommodate runoff where applicable.