McGregor Park is a beautiful park and the Cumberland Riverwalk has miles of scenic walking paths. McGregor Park features an amphitheater, picnic area, playgrounds, open fields for sports, and a soccer field. McGregor Park also provides plenty of parking and easy access to downtown Nashville. The Cumberland Riverwalk is one of the best places in Tennessee to walk or bike! It offers 10 scenic miles that connect with other trails throughout Nashville’s greenways system. The Cumberland Riverwalk is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors in Tennessee. Learn information about Clarksville, TN.  

McGregor Park & Cumberland Riverwalk in Tennessee are gorgeous. There is plenty to see and do, from hiking on the trails or mountain biking to walking along the riverfront boardwalks and taking photos of all that nature provides. Discover facts about Journey through History at Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretive Center.

McGregor Park & Cumberland Riverwalk in Tennessee provides a chance for you to have an adventure while still having some relaxing time by the water on one of their many benches with views overlooking mountains, fields, structures, or wildlife. You can even just fish off of one bank! These parks also offer rich history as they were formerly old coal mines where people used to go underground mining for black gold… now there are only beauty spots and serene paths left behind.

McGregor Park and Cumberland Riverwalk in Tennessee are situated on the banks of the Cumberland River. McGregor Park is a historic park that offers many amenities such as an amphitheater, boat ramp, dog park with separate sections for large dogs and small dogs, picnic shelters, playgrounds, and a fishing pier. The Cumberland Riverwalk features wonderful walking trails along both sides of the riverbank with spectacular views.

The walkway stretches from downtown Nashville south to Centennial Park where it intersects another segment trail that connects back to McGregor Park via Shelby Street Bridge. Walkers will find miles upon miles of beautiful scenery encompassing three cities.