It can ruin a person’s day when they return to their red car in the parking lot and find that it has a white gouge in the side.  Retaliation is the first desire.  Then the customer wants to blame whoever made these parking spaces so skinny.  More about Hendersonville, TN can be seen here.


Customers probably think that paving contractors are just squishing in as many parking spaces as is humanly possible.  Business owners would like to be able to do that.  But in fact, there are rules paving contractors follow.  Click here to read about How Paving Contractors Decide What Angle is Best for Parking.

The standard minimum width for parking spaces for public use is 9 feet by 19 feet. But some localities have zoning laws that affect these dimensions.  Also, the business owner must think about what customers might be carrying when they go to their car.  If they will have large packages, like when coming from a grocery store or a home remodeling store, it makes sense for the business owner to allow a little more space between the lines.  


In most instances, paving contractors will use single lines to mark off spaces. They know the importance of bright white lines so that people can at least try to get into their own parking space and not run over the line.