At 1017 Antebellum Circle in Hendersonville, TN, you will find a beautiful museum called the Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center.  If you are an art lover, you don’t need to plan any other Hendersonville activities because you can spend your entire vacation at this museum, just enjoying the great exhibits. See more here.

How it All Started 

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center is another one of those “land grant” historical sites given to a Revolutionary War soldier.  It was originally part of 640 acres given to soldier Henry Rule.  At one point, it was used as a Civil War field hospital.  In 1936, businessman Mont Bliss Comer took over the mansion, and it became known as Monts Haven. In the 1980s, the mansion was given to the city of Hendersonville. See here for information about Old Hickory Lake and Dam in Hendersonville, TN.


Today the Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center focuses on preserving the area’s history, displaying special exhibitions, and growing the arts education programs.

Some of the current exhibitions include a display of works by Hattie Marshall-Duncan, a well-known local artist.  An exhibit that drew a lot of attention recently was named Vietnam: Then and Now. 

Recent classes offered focused on Anime Drawing, watercolor techniques, and Clay Sculpting.  Summer camps are offered to encourage fine arts appreciation.