The Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretive Center is a museum dedicated to the Fort’s history, and it has been visited by people from all over the world. The Fort was built in 1864 and played an important role for both Union and Confederate forces during the war. Visitors can take guided tours of Fort Defiance or explore on their own with interactive displays that offer information about Civil War life. Learn more here.

Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretive Center in Tennessee, Fort Defiance was established as a Confederate military outpost during the American Civil War. Fort Defiance also has a significant history of being an Indian Reservation from 1866 to 1911 and then transferred into State parkland for public use. Fort Defiance Fort was designated a Tennessee Civil War Park in 2004. Learn more about The Customs House Museum and Cultural Center in Clarksville, Tennessee: A Gallery of History.

Fort Defiance is one of the largest and most intact forts from this period in America. The fort has never been attacked or destroyed, unlike many other forts during the time. Fort Defiance Fort served as an important hub for supplies to troops fighting on nearby battlefields such as Stones River and Chickamauga National Military Parks

Fort Defiance Fort includes interpretive exhibits detailing life at that time through artifacts discovered while excavating the site during construction of new facilities between 1976 and 197. Fort Defiance Fort includes the site of an original log cabin, which is believed to be the oldest building in Tennessee. Fort Defiance Fort is open to the public, offering Civil War-themed programs and displays.