When customers pull into a parking lot just to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store, they often start out aggravated.  Why? Because the way the parking spaces are angled is irritating. Also, other customers don’t know how to park, but that’s not the paving contractor’s fault. At most grocery stores, the parking spaces are at a 90-degree angle.  This angle is hard to manuver into and out of.  A 90-degree angle is more suited to a place of business where people park once in the morning and exit once at night. But in a store where people are using the space quite frequently, this angle is annoying. Information can be found here. 

Why Business Owners Use a Difficult Angle

The reason businesses use the 90-degree angle is that it provides the most spaces.  Parking doesn’t add to the profit of the store; it’s only an expense.  So businesses want to fit as many spaces into the allotted space as they possibly can so they can service more customers. See here for information about Paving Contractors are Specialty Engineers. 

A Better Angle

A 60-degree angled space is really the best.  Vehicles can get in and out easily.  As imagined, this parking angle takes up a lot more space.  Customers will be happier, but businesses have to maintain a larger parking lot.