Sometimes when an entrepreneur is looking for a place to start a new business, he can find the perfect building, but the parking lot is in horrible condition.  When he talks to paving contractors, they all want to patch and seal.  But a good paving contractor will start from scratch.  The business owner enjoys a brand new parking lot, right down to the stripes. Before the first piece of equipment comes onto the property, the business owner must think about the design of the lot. Learn more here.


Probably the most important consideration when designing a new parking area is to think about vehicle traffic outside the lot.  A good paving contractor will tell you that the opening to the lot needs to be away from busy traffic streets.  The opening also needs to avoid places where traffic sits at traffic signals. Learn more about What is the Best Kind of Driveway Surface.


It’s also important to consider the pedestrians who will be using the lot.  The parking lot should be designed so that customers can enter the business safely, without fear of other customers accidentally driving into them.  Customers also expect the parking lot to be convenient to their car. They also don’t want to drive around too long looking for a space.