An Art Enthusiasts Town

If you appreciate different forms of art and like to admire masterpieces in different media, then there are a few things in store for you here in Hendersonville. Hendersonville isn’t the most popular art town, but there are a few art galleries that try to put on something for the art lovers visiting the town. Some even give you the opportunity to get hands-on and create something on your own. Below are some of the places to visit if you love exploring art. Learn more here.

Painting With A Twist

Combining art and fun, Painting With A Twist gives you the opportunity to bring out the artist within you and get creative as you make memories that will last a lifetime. They also offer public classes that you can attend to improve your skills and host private art parties where you can get your friends together and have fun while painting. Learn more about Water Tours in Hendersonville, TN. 

Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center

Located in beautiful Hendersonville, Tennessee, just north of Nashville, Monthaven Arts, and Cultural Center exhibits some beautiful pieces of art from different times in history as well as art classes and workshops. An ideal place to go with a friend or partner for a day of fun.


If you enjoy art, then these two options should be right up your alley.