Whether or not a homeowner will get 20 years of use out of their new driveway depends entirely on which paving contractor is used. A paving contractor with many years of experience is needed.  The technicians doing the work must have experience in their particular part of the job.  Most importantly, the paving project engineer must know how to conduct each stage of the road or driveway construction. Visit this link for more information. 

A Solid Foundation

A good driveway or road or parking lot must be built on a solid foundation.  Just like a house, a driveway can fail because the foundation was not properly built. The best paving contractors will make sure that underground utilities have been identified.  They either need to be relocated or protected before the foundation of the project can be laid. Read about Paving Contractors Are Not Responsible When Car Doors Bang into Other Cars here. 

Soil Base

The engineers will need to evaluate if the soil base can support the weight of the typical vehicle that will be using the driveway or road.  A good paving contractor knows the soil in his area and knows what needs to be done to the soil to make it support the load.  They will know if they need to add lime to the soil or if they should add other materials.